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Acne Awareness: Can Dry Skin Have Acne?

People associate acne with oily skin, but the truth is that most adults with acne actually have dry skin! The issue here is that most acne treatment products work by drying out the skin, resulting in issues like flaking, cracking, peeling, and excessive feelings of dryness.

Whether you have a skin condition that causes acne (like rosacea) or you deal with hormonal breakouts, there are many ways to address acne blemishes without over-drying the skin. Making sure to keep skin moisturized will help reduce blemishes in and of itself, since hydrated skin doesn’t attempt to create excess oil in order to make up for lack of hydration.

Here is the Solution

While Control-T is also great for oily skin types (as mentioned in the product descriptions) that doesn’t mean it’s only for oily skin. The lighter textures never feel heavy or greasy which makes it great for oily skin, but the ingredients are chosen to help all acne-prone skin types, including both dry and oily skin.

How can one acne skin care line target both oily and dry skin? It’s easy when the goal is overall skin health! ATOPALM MLE works by restoring and protecting the skin’s natural lipid layer, something that all skin types need. MLE is identical to the structure of the skin’s natural cells, allowing it to delve deep into the skin and replenish the damaged cells that lead to skin issues.

When using Control-T, MLE is absorbing deeply to reinforce the lipid layer while healing ingredients target redness, inflammation, and other classic blemish concerns. In this way, all the skin is balanced rather than blemishes being over-dried while the rest of the skin is left to suffer or dehydrate. Control-T is unlike any other acne skin care line you’ve ever used, so give it a try to see the difference!

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