CURECODE, The Microbiome’s Natural Skin Barrier

The deep roots of health are held in the secrets of nature. We spent the last 20 years Perfecting the blend of nature and science, to bring you closer to Healthy skin and a happy life.
Many of us struggle with skin sensitivity due to sun exposure, dryness, and pollution. Babies all the way to Elders deal with skin issues, and we all need to protect our skin from harmful elements.
Imagine something that could Allow your skin to breathe, without covering it with cosmetics. Something already present in the human body that could be formulated into a cream that helps provide long term skin support and recovery? A skin care solution that would reinforce the skin barrier by filling it with ceramides filling in skin for smoother, more hydrated life, free of the difficulties of sensitivity, redness and dryness.
At Dr. Raymond Labs we created NEUROMIDE, the world’s first patented, bio-identical human microbiome metabolite to support healthy skin. Because its structure is similar to that of ceramides, the most important components of the skin barrier, we named it NEUROMIDE, meaning “new ceramide.”
NEUROMIDE communicates with the body’s own endocannabinoid system. It activates the CB1 receptors in skin to increase ceramide synthesis and accelerate skin barrier recovery, effectively helping it to calm down, making dryness, redness, itchiness, and sensitivity a thing of the past.
CURECODE is the first brand to use NEUROMIDE and also contains prebiotics and probiotics to increase a healthy skin microbiome; Resveratrol, traditionally found in red wine, to promote healthy cell renewal. St. John’s Wort, used for centuries to treat wounds and irritation, and hemp seed oil full of skin-nourishing compounds that soothe inflammation, plump fine lines and calm breakouts. CURECODE helps care for numerous skin dysfunctions by providing what skin needs most.
CURECODE was Inspired by the desire to help Skin health. After more than twenty years of tireless research, we developed a more advanced CURECODE product line with NEUROMIDE, encapsulated in crystalline lamella MES on the cutting edge of skin barrier technology. You can apply it when needed to care for discomfort and experience greater freedom.
CURECODE products are proven safe for the whole family, with AMA Lab safety testing and international usage patents.
CURECODE can fuel the natural wellness systems of your skin to come alive, to help you feel the healing freedom of a fully restored skin.
CURECODE Creates a head to toe protection, First Aid Skin barrier recovery, so that you can Experience more comfort in your body. Go to bed every night with peace of mind, knowing that you have healthier skin.
CURECODE, the microbiome’s natural way to better healthy skin.

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