• House Hold Solution for Acne Day and Night use hydrocolloid patches gently absorb excess fluids, like pus and oil, from your popped pimple while also protecting your ~wound~ from bacteria, gunk, and your dirty little fingers. They help skin heal from the inside out in a moist environment, like the way it’s supposed to,” she adds.How to use
    1. Gently clean and dry the wound with pure water or saline
    2. Remove the hydrocolloid from the release paper and apply it onto wound
    3. Smooth out wrinkles.
    4. Hydrocolloid will expand and bleach after absorbing the wound exudates, and will reach to saturation point after 24 hours
    5. Remove the hydrocolloid when exudates overflow, and replace anew one.
    6. While removing, press one side and lift up the other side.

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Acne Cover With Hydrocolloid

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