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Rosacea Awareness : How to Address Symptoms

It’s Rosacea Awareness Month, and we are supporting those with rosacea by educating about the skin condition and offering our insider’s perspective on addressing the symptoms of rosacea.

Rosacea is a tricky skin condition because some of its symptoms seem to contradict each other. For example, those with rosacea may experience both skin dryness and excess oil. Here’s a look at the most common symptoms of rosacea and how to lessen them.

Skin texture: as mentioned above, rosacea skin texture may be dry, oily, or even both at once! It differs from classically combination skin because a rosacea sufferer’s skin changes based on diet and atmosphere, while someone with combination skin will usually have the same areas of dryness or excess oil.

One way to combat the flip-flopping of skin texture is to support its natural moisture levels. Aqua Soothing Gel Cream is our recommendation for moisturizing rosacea-prone skin for multiple reasons. First off, its lightweight texture won’t feel cloying on oily skin, but it is an effective moisturizer for dry skin. It also helps our next rosacea symptom…

Excess heat and redness: one of the more irritating symptoms of rosacea is skin that feels hot and looks excessively red. Lifestyle choices can exacerbate these symptoms, including eating spicy food, drinking alcohol, or spending too much time in a warm area.

An easy way to reduce heat and redness is to literally cool skin down with a damp washcloth or cool shower, but Aqua Soothing Gel Cream also gets the job done. One of its main benefits is cooling the skin upon application, while the ingredients work to soothe redness as well.


  • Rashes: rosacea may also cause a skin rash that looks and acts like acne. Pimples may be concentrated in one area or spread over the face.

Rosacea rashes respond well to the same products one would use for acne; however, many harsh acne care products will exacerbate the other symptoms of rosacea.

Therefore, it is important to choose a rosacea skin care product that is effective on rashes while being gentle enough for the skin as a whole. Check out Cicarelief Cream as a rosacea acne product option, as it deals with the redness and inflammation of breakouts while gently healing the skin.

Eyes: rosacea sufferers may notice their eye area feeling extra dry or looking puffy, even after a full night’s rest. Moisturizing Eye Repair Serum is your go-to product for those issues, as it deeply hydrates the skin (combating dryness) while encouraging a smooth, well-rested appearance in order to decrease puffiness.

Itching: finally, a symptom that rosacea-sufferers know all too well—itching. Itchy skin is one of the most common rosacea symptoms, and finding something to reduce itching is a main goal of those who experience this skin condition. Cicarelief Serum can be of great help in this area, as it helps reducing itching upon application, and then works to combat the dryness that can lead to more itching. In addition, Cicarelief Serum will help reduce redness and uneven skin tone, making it a great all-around skin care product for rosacea.

Reducing the symptoms of rosacea may never feel like a trip to the spa, but with ATOPALM, it doesn’t have to be difficult either. Using our products to address rosacea and support healthy skin will make your journey through rosacea symptoms easier than ever.

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