Our Vision

To become one of the best provider of world class skincare products in Pakistan.

About Our Online Store

DREAMSKIN is a consumer subsidiary of La-Vie (Pvt) Ltd. which is a prestigious pharmaceutical company registered in Pakistan and marketing innovative products in the Country. Our aim is to provide quality products through partnerships with renowned global organizations.
We specialize in globally renowned skin products for general skincare, skin rejuvenation and anti-aging to make you look and feel young.
All our products are based on latest MLE Technology patented in USA, Europe, Korea, Japan, Taiwan and China and are available in 35 countries of the world. MLE Technology systematically repairs your damaged skin to make it supple and glowing.
Many of the Hollywood stars are using our skincare products to keep their skin young, flawless and immaculate.
All our products are best-selling in USA and are available on Amazon and e-Bay as well. In Pakistan, we are the only authorized supplier of these top skin brands